El Comercio

Basic Details

El Comercio is a daily Ecuadorian newspaper in Quito. It covers internal and external news of the country, although its focus is primarily on alumni, especially Quito, Guayaquil, and occasionally Cuenca. It competed against El Universe for the largest print distribution in Ecuador.

The paper was founded on January 1, 1906, in Quito, Ecuador, by Celiano Mange and his brothers, Caesar Mantilla Jacquam and Carlos Mantila Jokom. The paper remains in the Mantilla family and is currently the president and publisher of the paper, Carlos Mantila Batel.

The main categories and complements are politics, opinion, law, business, sports, Quito, Ecuador, world, society, culture, family, education, blogs, and others.

Brand Details
Brand Name El Comercio
Founded 1906
Type Daily newspaper
Language Spanish
Headquarters Avenida Pedro Vicente Maldonado 11515. Quito, Ecuador