La Voix de Djibouti

Basic Details

La Vaux de Djibouti (LVD) is a free and independent medium, the first in the history of Djibouti. It aims to give Djibouti's voiceless people a voice with a place to express information and opinions. As such, it is specifically aimed at enabling the people of Djibouti to access and analyze news related to the country and the world in particular; Share information and knowledge in the most diverse fields: education, health, economy, culture, religion, politics, democracy and human rights, rule of law, etc. promote Djiboutian national identity in many ways; Participate in the emergence of a democratic, fraternal, just and prosperous Djiboutian society. Welcome to La Voice de Djibouti.

Brand Details
Brand Name La Voix de Djibouti
Founded 2010
Type Newsportal
Language French