Basic Details

Granma is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party. It was formed in 1965 through a combination of two previous research papers by Revluchian and Hoye. The publication of the newspaper started in February 196666. The name comes from Yat Granma, who started the Cuban Revolution in 1955 by taking Fidel Castro and 61 rebels to the shores of Cuba. Marta Roges has worked for the paper since the founding of the newspaper, which has become a way for Fidel Castro and the Cuban Communist Party to communicate their ideology to the world, especially the United States.

Brand Details
Brand Name Granma
Founded October 4, 1965
Type Daily newspaper
Editor-in-chief Yailin Orta Rivera
Language Spanish
Headquarters Plaza de la RevoluciĆ³n, Havana, Cuba