Cuba Net

Basic Details

Founded in 1994, Cuba Net is a neutral, non-profit and tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting free news in Cuba, helping an independent society develop a civilized society and informing the world about the realities of Cuba. The main task of Cubanet is to provide Cuban journalists and other independent groups with a vehicle so that their voices can be heard, remembering that they have no possibility of publishing them in Cuba or abroad. No, like ordinary citizens, they do not have access to the Internet. Cubanet's support for Cuban neoliberal civil society is based on our assumption that in any form of governance, civil society is the most effective tool for the individual to exercise his or her rights and contribute more to their community. Private. Most Structured Social Institutions In order to maintain the balance of power of the government, the citizens have to organize themselves into strong institutions. Like Vaclac Havel, we believe that "civil society is the fundamental and most legitimate element of democracy." As an expression of our position against censorship and our respect for the right to freedom of expression and information, which can only be achieved through the free exchange of ideas in a free media, the foundation of a civil society, our website consists of three organizations: a) Cuban Independent Press b) International Press C) Links to the Cuban Government Press Related to the information and opinion articles we receive from the island, we publish the full range of opinions of independent Cuban journalists, to whom we do not claim exclusivity. We do not reserve the right to publish your work as long as it is accurate. The Cuba Net receives informative work from more than 35 independent journalists via email or fax that showcases Cuban events and private versions of life. These articles and information are published on this website, which receives an average of over five million hits per month, and appears as a source of Cuban information in the prestigious digital media. Also, some of them have been translated into English and published in the relevant section of this page. Cuba Net uses a free electronic mail (e-mail) service to distribute daily bulletins, including daytime news and information published on independent media pages. The email list has more than 3,000 members, mainly Cuban-Americans, but also includes journalists from the international press and members of academic institutions and the diplomatic corps.

Brand Details
Brand Name Cuba Net
Founded 1994
Type Newsportal
Language Spanish