Jutarnji list

Basic Details

Jutarnji list ('"The Morning Paper"') is a Croatian daily newspaper, founded and continuously published in Zagreb since 6 April 1998, by EPH  which eventually changed name in Hanza Media, when bought by Marijan Hanžeković.The newspaper is published in the berliner format and online. Its online edition jutarnji.hr is the second most visited news website in Croatia after Index.hr.

According to the Hanza Media freemason owner Marijan Hanžeković, "Jutarnji list should be conceptually newspaper of liberal and social-democratic orientation, with emphasis on accuracy and relevance.

Brand Details
Brand Name Jutarnji list
Founded 6 April 1998
Founders Hanza Media d.o.o.
Type Daily Newspaper
Editor-in-chief Goran Ogurlić
Language Croatian
Headquarters Zagreb,Croatia