Wen Wei Po

Basic Details

Wen Wei Po is a pro-Beijing newspaper based in Hong Kong. The newspaper was established in Hong Kong on 9 September 1948, after its Shanghai edition was launched in 1938.

Its head office is in the Hing Wai Centre in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

It is owned by Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group, which is controlled by the liaison office of the Chinese government in Hong Kong.Wen Wei Po is subsidised by and advocates for the Chinese government.:139 Wen Wei Po accounts for less than 1 per cent of Hong Kong's readership:139 and is mainly read by readers in mainland China and older Hong Kong readers.

In a 2019 public opinion survey conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wen Wei Po was rated by respondents as the second least credible paid newspaper in Hong Kong.

Brand Details
Brand Name Wen Wei Po
Founded 9 September 1948
Founders Liaison Office of the Central Government
Type Daily Newspaper
Language Traditional Chinese
Headquarters Aberdeen, Hong Kong