Southern Weekly

Basic Details

Southern Weekly, founded in 1984, has its head office in Guangzhou, with news bureaux in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. The paper is published by the Nanfang Daily group under the Guangdong Communist Party Committee.It is printed simultaneously in many Chinese cities, and distributed to the whole of the Chinese mainland.

Southern Weekly currently operates upon 8 key sections: News, Defense, Current Political Situation, Economy, Environment, Culture, Supplement, and Comment, together with an editorial guideline of Justice, Conscience, Love, Rationality.

Circulation is more than 1.6 million copies, on average, which is said to be the biggest weekly circulation of any newspaper on the Chinese mainland. Thus it is considered to be one of the most influential media outlets in China. However, as of 2007 it had the highest circulation in Beijing.

Although the Chinese Communist Party controls various aspects of the newspaper, Southern Weekly is still considered the most outspoken newspaper in China. It is strongly recommended by liberal intellectuals and is said to contribute to public democratic debate and the formation of civil society. The New York Times has described the Southern Weekend as "China's most influential liberal newspaper.

Brand Details
Brand Name Southern Weekly
Founded 11 February 1984
Founders Zuo Fang
Type Weekly newspaper
Editor-in-chief Huang Can
Language Simplified Chinese
Headquarters 289 Central Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC