Yaga Burundi‎

Basic Details

Yaga means in Kirundi. Yaga tells stories of the men and women of Burundi.

Yaga means "to tell" in Kirundi. We are a community of bloggers, lovers of Burundi, advocates of freedom of expression, and through our diversity of thoughts and experiences we want to change mentalities.

Gathered at the beginnings of the 2015 presidential elections, we wish, through our pens and our voices, to make the aspirations of Burundian youth heard to contribute to the building of a peaceful society moving towards progress.

Our slogan, “A witness, a story”, is our common thread. We believe that the clash of ideas shines light. Through this unique approach, in a country that is sometimes divided, we want to show Burundians that our diversity is our strength.

We offer daily topics that create debate and we strive to moderate the exchanges. While all opinions are tolerated, we do not accept racist, sexist, defamatory and abusive comments.

Take part in the discussion with respect!

Brand Details
Brand Name Yaga Burundi‎
Founded 2015
Type Newspaper
Language French
Headquarters Avenue de la Démocratie no 20