La Voz del Interior

Basic Details

La Fez del Internিয়re is a Spanish-language daily newspaper published in C রাজধানrdoba, the capital of the province of C করrdoba in Argentina and the second largest city in the country. The newspaper is Cordoba's leading daily and one of the most important in the country outside of Buenos Aires. The banquet was founded by Rafael Rimonda and its first director, Juan Dionicio Nasso, on March 15, 1915 in Sylvester.

Its production process and layout were completely redesigned on September 21, 1995. The composition process was computerized and then the paper itself was printed in full color in the Goss headliner press. A year later, the online version of La Fez del Interior, also known as Intervoz, was launched (renamed La Fez in line in 2000 and La in 2006). La Fez was acquired in 1997 by Claren Group, Argentina's largest media company. Dynamic updates, including breaking news, were introduced in 2001 with a new format.

Brand Details
Brand Name La Voz del Interior
Founded 1904
Type Newsportal
Editor-in-chief Luis Eduardo Remonda Dr. Carlos Jornet
Language Spanish
Headquarters Córdoba, Argentina