BBC News

Basic Details

BBC World News is an international paid television channel operated by the BBC. The BBC is a public corporation in the UK Government's Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports. It has the largest audience of any channel at an estimated 121 million weekly viewers in 2016/2017, a fraction of the estimated 2,372 million weekly views of the BBC's four major international news services. Launched outside Europe as the BBC World Service Television on 11 March 1991, it was renamed BBC World and on 1 April 1995 it was renamed BBC World News. It broadcasts news bulletins, documentaries, lifestyle programs, and interviews. Unlike the BBC's domestic channels, BBC World News is owned and operated by BBC Global News Limited, a part of the BBC's commercial entities, and is funded by subscription and advertising revenue, not by UK television licenses. It is not owned by BBC Studios. The service targets overseas markets similar to CNN International, DW, NHK World and RT.

Brand Details
Brand Name BBC News
Founded 1995
Type Newsportal
Language English
Headquarters UK